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Charge-up / Night Blast


Kumafit Rush



We are confident that we have no competition when it comes to group training.

Our morning CHARGE-UP and evening NIGHT BLAST sessions are specifically tailored to the time of day. They offer a rich training experience where we do all the thinking, allowing you to focus purely on the work. Both of our classes are delivered at high intensity and with maximum energy, continually injecting you with fresh motivation no matter your level of fitness. Both Kumafit coaches will cue your form and deliver you limitless motivation to enhance your own focus and drive.

Join us on weekday lunchtimes and Saturday mornings for the KUMAFIT RUSH, a 20 minute daily WOD challenge with leaderboards and competition for our community.

As a result of the reduced numbers our classes have limited availability. Please contact us for information on our exclusive membership options or book yourself in using the link below.


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