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Kumafit Online Coaching makes it easy for you to train with us through a personalised, weekly delivery of your training plan.


This is specifically for those who -

  • struggle to make it to our gym but still seek the expertise and help we offer
  • prefer to train alone while following a regimented programme
  • are experienced with training in a gym themselves but need guidance on programming


After an email or phone consultation to assess your goals, we will compile a training structure for you that aligns with them.


You will then receive daily notifications for your workouts, which are delivered via the TrueCoach App, which makes it easy for us both to track and manage your training journey.

Dialogue is critical for workout adherence and you will have a messaging platform on hand when needed.


Adapting to the irregularities of life is difficult and our plan will account for both work and social obstacles that will inevitably present themselves.


Options for technique analysis, and specific nutritional planning are available and the subscription runs for four weeks.


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